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TheSupervisory Board of Porto di Livorno 2000 S.r.l. consists of an external member, lawyer Alessia Cozzi, in charge until the approval of financial statements of the 31st December 2024.

The company meeting has appointed the Board of Directors, consisting of:

  • Matteo Savelli (as president)
  • Beniamino Carnevale
  • Umberto Marsili
  • Franco Ronzi
  • Maurizio Serini

Among its tasks, the supervisory board of Porto di Livorno 2000 has to:

a) supervise the observance of the rules provided for by the Organization, Management and Control Model, in relation to the different kinds of offences provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the following laws, which have extended the scope;
b) supervise the efficiency of this Model in relation to the company structure and the actual ability to prevent offences;
c) supervise the opportunity of updating of this Model, where necessary to be updated in relation to changed company conditions;
d) guarantee the respect of the company ethical code.

The Supervisory Board directly refers to the Board of Directors and interacts with the board of auditors.

The activities of the Supervisory Board may not be inspected by any other company board, structure or function, without prejudice to the right and duty of the Board of Directors to supervise the activities of the Supervisory Board itself.

The Supervisory Boards can freely access to all the company structures and functions, bar none and without any prior permission or notice, in order to receive every information or fact considered necessary to do the tasks provided for the Legislative Decree 231/2001.

In the performance of its activities, the Supervisory Board may, under its direct supervision and responsibility, avail itself of the assistance of all the company structures or functions, that is external consultants it deems necessary.

All those who become aware of information concerning the commission of offences or facts and/or behaviour not complied with the rules of conduct adopted by the company, may make spontaneous reports to the Supervisory Board, preferably through the following email address:

Such reports may also be made anonymously, in order to guarantee the utmost secrecy. Those who bona fide make report are guaranteed against any form of retaliation, discrimination or penalisation, and the secrecy of reporting people identity will be ensured, without prejudice to legal obligations and the protection of the rights of the company or of people wrongly or in bad faith accused.

Organisation, Management and Control Model and Ethical Code of Porto di Livorno 2000 S.r.l. ("Model 231").
On 2nd July 2014, the Board of Directors of Porto di Livorno 2000 S.r.l. approved the updating of the Organisation, Management and Control Model on the basis of the legislative changes introduced in the meantime and the analysis of risks in relation the company’s structure and operations.
On the basis of the aforementioned activity, the Ethical Code was also updated, which provides for the rules of conduct for company representatives, employees, collaborators and consultants.

Attached Organization and Management Model and Control - Legislative Decree 231/2001



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