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Porto di Livorno 2000 provides a first welcome service to passengers from cruise ships calling at our port, and to passengers leaving with ferries to the islands.
Welcoming and information desks where it is possible to ask how to reach downtown (means of transport and connection to the main spots of Tuscany, the railway station and the close Pisa international airport) are spread across docks, facilities within the passenger port and information points inside our terminals.

Our land assistants fluently speak English, Spanish, French and German, and they are able to help the tourist with any necessity in order to guarantee them an assisted and easy stay.
Maps and brochures about the main highlights of the town are available in several languages.



PORTO DI LIVORNO 2000 s.r.l.

Piazzale dei Marmi, 12 - 57123 Livorno (LI)
Tel. 0586.202901