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Welcome service

Porto Livorno 2000 is a Society that is in charge of Ferries and Cruises coming and  going in its city. It offers to any passenger a welcoming service, located in the Ferry Station and  at the entrance of the port.
The team is composed by 15/20 Multilanguage girls who can perfectly speak several languages, such as English, Spanish, German and French.
They provide timetable on the ferries, or any other kind of needs that a tourist has.
They offer free materials like maps for who wants to enjoy his time in the city or surrounding before leaving or if the guest needs a place to spend the night.

In all the piers where Cruises dock we have a box as Information Center, where the hostesses give assistance explaining the highlights of Tuscany, the activities of Livorno troughs maps that show different itineraries.
This service starts as soon the ship docks until departure so we offer a full services in any case required.