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Britannia for the first time in Livorno


Britannia in Livorno for the first time

Last Saturday , April the 18th , P&O ‘S Flagship Britannia (Carnival Group), berthed at Livorno for the first time. The ship, 330 meters long, 143.730 gross tonnage, 4.300 passengers capacity and 1.400 crew, flies the British flag and was built at Fincantieri Shypyards in Monfalcone at the cost of 473 million euros and had been “Christened” on March  the 10th 2015,  by a special godmother: Queen Elizabeth II!
The ship berthed at the Alto Fondale Terminal with 3600 passengers, many of which have visited Livorno thanks to the eight shuttle bus provided by Porto di Livorno 2000, using all the services the New Terminal offers.
1400 cruisers and 365 crew members reached and visited the city center. Attended by the Ship agency William Sheperd and in presence of the Captain, took place the exchanging crest ceremony, at which Port Authorities were present.
They also visited the Ship, admiring its majestic and sober interior that develops for 19 decks, 15 of which at passengers disposal.
The ship, after the maiden voyage, will travel trough northern Europe and will be back to Mediterranean and Livorno on August the 23th  .