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The Sea: Sustainability as an engine of development

Cruise Terminal- Old Fortress - 14-15 November 2014


National and international public actors, stakeholders, civil society and the research community have discussed in Livorno the opportunities that the Marine Strategy can offer in terms of growth and employment.
From the Sustainable Development National Strategy to the ongoing debate in the United Nations, the central role of the sea, as a factor of development and growth, is underlined.
The Mediterranean ecological and cultural specificities, are such as to require uniform policies at the basin level, and not limited only to the national level, in order to ensure concrete results.
The comparison gave rise to the following requirements:
1. A unitary governance at national level: it is mandatory to developed high levels of institutional coordination and synergies on the sea issues in Italy as well. This is necessary to make sustainability national initiatives stronger and more incisive. This will help to strengthen the role of our country in the EU and international frames.
2. Land-sea connection: it is mandatory to promote responsibility and participation of coastal communities, as already provided for in the Integrated Management Protocol on the Barcelona Convention coastal strip. Some examples to start from are:
The Charter of Partnership of the Pelagos Sanctuary Municipalities, the Ramoge Agreement for the protection of the sea and coastline along Italy, France and Monaco, the Adriatic-Ionian Strategy as innovative platform to streamline the sector policies..
3. Harmonization and effectiveness of the controls at sea and along coastlines, in order to achieve uniform standards and adequate levels of scientific and operational control.
4. Implementation of communication and participation initiatives starting with the marine strategy of all actors involved.
Livorno, November 15th 2014