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One day in Bolgheri

Bolgheri speaks English

27 Luglio 2014

Bolgheri speaks English

Thanks to an initiative organized by Porto di Livorno 2000 , thanks to the town of Castagneto Carducci and Consortium of “Strade del Vino” with the partnership of Royal Caribbean, worldwide cruise group, and the tour operator about 1200 american passengers arrived in Bolgheri.
The charming Tuscany village has been choosen to the Top location for a big event “Bolgheri Speaks English” in occasion of the presence on board of “Celebrity Equinox” there were Mr Michel Bayles, the President and Ceo of Celebrity Brand and its staff.

In that occasion Bolgheri went back to middle ages, people in costume welcomed the passengers trough a food and wine tasting . They enjoyed the old atmosphere , with the best selection of wine.
The tour went on a Restaurant harmonized with Rondò Veneziano and other classic music