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The ancient port

Ieri il Porto di Livorno ha ospitato un raduno esclusivo di auto d’epoca.

A group of 18 cars belonging to the Italian Registry Lancia Lambda, arrived in Livorno, stopping in the parking lot in front of the quay Sgarallino and visiting our city for a few hours.
The registry Italian Lancia Lambda sees bringing together a group of fans who each year decide to go with their vintage cars, a journey of a few days along the roads all over the country.
With the cars parked next to each other with care, behind the imposing walls of the Old Fortress, yesterday at the Port of Livorno seemed to relive the atmostera a time, like an old postcard of the port that was.
The cars belong to the period between 1922 and 1929 all from the "Maison" and all Lancia Lambda model, a model that showed the audience a revolutionary car for the time being the first car with a monocoque body (ie without frame), with independent front suspension, which was much appreciated by the market of the United States and Australia.
The 18 vehicles in transit to the port of Livorno are part of a group of specimens that Italy does not exceed 200 units. Leading the charge was the President of the Garage Time Cecina Mr. Piermario Meletti Cavallari.