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About Us

Porto Livorno 2000 operates in the cruise ship and passenger sector in the port of Livorno.

It offers a wilde range of services where safety and efficency are the guiding principles; it works in conjunction with local bodies to make the most of local tourist resources. Porto Livorno 2000 manages the Cruise Terminal, the Maritime Passenger Station, information service, car parks nd trasportation within the Port of Livorno.

Administration and  Direction

President C.d.A.: Massimo Provinciali

Director:  Federica Matteucci

Technical and Commercial Director: Giovanni Spadoni

Executive Responsable: Fabrizio Mazzei


The company counts about 60 people working among workers and office employees, 10 of them are specifically located on security tasks.


Porto di Livorno 2000 has a global extension of 110.000 square metres.

Total property area: 33.000 square meters

Under concession area: 77.000 square meters


Quays have a total lenght of 1.500 m and drafts from 7 to 10 metres.

Livorno port Authority authorized Porto Livorno 2000 to manage cruise traffic from the quays to the Porto Commerciale where boats can be accepted up to 350 meters of lenght and up to 12 meters of draft.


New Initiatives

Porto di Livorno 2000, together with the Livorno Port Authorities and Local Authority are promoting a series of initiatives starting with an InfoPoint permanently located in the city’s main square, Piazza del Municipio, just a short walk from the port and connected to the cruise terminals by shuttle.

A number of companies have been established to provide gui- ded tours around the city’s leading sights. These companies are government/private sector run and include Consorzio Toscana Mediterranea, which organises boat tours that start from the Infopoint and other excursions such as City Sightseeing, open- top bus tours.

Our new partnership AirDynamic provides elite private helicopter services in the area. There is also a shuttle ser- vice to and from the nearby shopping centre.
Next to the port visitors can explore Livorno’s famous “Mercatino Americano”, which sprang up just after the second world war. Here locals had their first taste of American products and were able to find everything that American GIs had introduced into Italy and Europe: today the market continues this tradition.